Army Expo unveils decade's transformation priorities through open-theatre storytelling

Watch: Army Expo 2023 at Wellington Barracks.

The British Army Expo London 2023 is taking place at Wellington Barracks in London – unveiling the future of the British Army.

The central London barracks has been transformed into an open-air theatre teaching the audiences about what the British Army does.

The Army Expo, akin to a three-act play, aims to engage the audience through immersive storytelling by a cast of serving soldiers and officers, unveiling the Army's purpose, plans, and transformation priorities for the next decade.

In a specially recorded video, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders welcomed visitors, saying: "We will give you an insight into the quality of our people, their contribution at home and abroad, and reflect on the profound impact that the war in Ukraine has had on our national security and on our Army."

The British Army Expo London 2023 runs from 18 to 20 July.

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