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Information on new high-end digital printing for fine art photographs

Many of the large prints now found in fine-art photography galleries are now digitally produced. The Abstracts of Nature series by Dave as well as any custom prints offered on this site are produced as described below.

The process begins with either a digital file from the camera or the film being scanned in a super-high resolution drum scanner (for the largest print size to be made) to create a digital file of the image. The digital image file allows precise dodging and burning over the entire image with the computer versus an enlarger. Our images however, don't need much correction work and are printed to essentially match the original RAW files or transparencies. Usually, all of the images are printed full frame with no cropping of the original image.

The images are printed by a direct digital imaging machine, in which a laser actually exposes the paper instead of light passing through an enlarger lens. The machine used is a LightJet 5000, which produces the sharpest images based on laser configuration as compared to other similar machines. This process is far superior to old-fashioned enlargers because there are no lenses, no distortion or softness at the edges, no light fall off, and no subjecting an original to an intense light source and extended handling.

The prints are made on new Fuji Crystal Archive Polyester base printing material. The Crystal Archive emulsion provides exceptional resistance to both fading of colors and yellowing of white areas. The Crystal Archive emulsion is one of the longest lasting print technologies available today (see www.wilhelm-research.com ). Fade tests are made on commercially available resin coated paper, and the polyester base material we use is considered much more stable than paper and less susceptible to air moisture changes.

The end result is a dramatic, ultra-high-gloss, high detail, luminescent print with unsurpassed image stability. The reflective nature of the underlying polyester base gives these prints stunning colors and a unique image depth.

This printing process is also more environmentally friendly than the cibachrome print process (which provides similar characteristics).

The prints are open edition series, individually printed, signed, and numbered. They are available framed or unframed. All prints are hung in a hinged, acid-free matte. All materials used are museum quality (conservation framing) and are inspected to meet the most stringent standards.

All work is guaranteed. We are also happy to accommodate your special requests.

The digital imaging process is quickly becoming the industry standard and the photographer's first choice, and is already highly praised by most photo dealers and museum curators.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call us at 949-458-8468.

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